Tadaaki Kuwayama A visit to his studio in New York


Tadaaki Kuwayama welcomes you to his generously proportioned loft in New York with a laugh. He lives and works here with his wife, the artist Rabuko Naito. Despite his advanced years, he appears astonishingly youthful. You do not realise he is 83 years old.

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Rebecca Horn in Unna Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst (Centre for International Light Art)

The world’s only museum for light art is situated in Unna, a small, sleepy town in the Ruhr. Hard to find, because the entire museum is underground. 30 feet deep in the storerooms of a former brewery. The door through which visitors enter is very inconspicuous. You enter the dark corridor uncertainly, until you go into the first room and are carried off into a breath-taking world of light. Olafur Eliasson, Joseph Kosuth, Christian Boltanski and James Turrell have created site-specific installations there.

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Emily Jacir Europe @ Whitechapel Gallery in London


In 2007, Emily Jacir was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. A year later she won the Hugo Boss Prize, and in 2009 she had an exhibition in the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Since then she has been a firmly established member of the international artistic scene.

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Chen Wei, Yang Fudong and Xu Zhen CHINA 8


Eight cities, nine museums, 120 artists, 500 works. China 8 is the exhibition project in Germany in 2015. There has never been anything like it before. It was opened by Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel in person and was intended to be the highlight of the year, at least for the Rhine-Ruhr area. Whether these high expectations were fulfilled is anybody’s guess. After the opening, the critics had a field day. However, two of the eight exhibitions are receiving consistent good marks, both of them involving artists from the Zimmermann Collection.

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Cui Jie Art Basel in Hong Kong and the Zimmermann Collection


As the official partner of the Art Basel show in Hong Kong, Uniplan was commissioned to realise both the debut and the second occurrence of the art exhibition. Uniplan also implemented the unusual concept in intricate form in 2015 which contributed to the exhibition’s high-quality staging.

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English art from Paris Ryan Gander’s work I is… (x)


Ryan Gander’s sculpture “I is… (x)” (200 x 125 x 130 cm), created in 2014, was displayed at the “Inside” exhibition in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris not long ago (November 2014 – January 2015). “I is…” is the title of a series of works that the artist created together with his four year-old daughter Olive. Like all other children, she too loves to build forts – a basic instinct that was of existential meaning in primitive times. Prepared in a similar way to playing tag (chasing), building a hideout is one of the five basic survival skills.

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Global Corporate Collections publication The Zimmermann Collection in an illustrated book


Deutsche Bank, Daimler, Rothschild, Microsoft – and Zimmermann. The who’s who of corporate art collections worldwide is combined in the new publication by the Deutsche Standards publishing company. “The elaborately produced and designed book features around 100 of the world’s largest and most important corporate collections, hand-selected by a distinguished advisory board, providing a unique and comprehensive survey of collecting activity of companies across the globe“, says the publisher.

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