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Up close to Wolfgang Tillmans An interview with his Cologne gallery dealer, Daniel Buchholz, on his career start, the Turner Prize and Ecstasy

As part of the Conversations programme at Art Basel 2014, a discussion took place between the artist Wolfgang Tillmans and his Cologne gallery dealer, Daniel Buchholz.


The talk is interesting because Buchholz was one of the first to discover Tillmans and they both deal with very different blocks of subjects: The first exhibitions by Tillmans in the then tiny gallery of Buchholz, at which works for around EUR 200 were sold. Cologne and the art scene in the 1990s. Tillmans wins the Turner Prize. And why Ecstasy could have changed the world. It’s exciting to see the man behind the photographs and get to know him better.


This year, Tillmans will be represented inter alia at the Berlin Biennale, the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice, under curator Rem Koolhaas, and at Manifesta in St. Petersburg.

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