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Chen Wei always there Two large overview exhibitions of Chinese art in the USA

The Rubell Family Collection in Miami, Florida and the Tampa Art Museum in Tampa have organised two large-scale parallel exhibitions of contemporary art from China. Since 2001, the Rubells have been travelling to China to visit some studios and galleries. The result is “28 Chinese artists”, including such familiar names as Ai Weiwei, and also Chen Wei.


At almost the same time, China expert Barbara Pollack has been organising the exhibition ”My Generation: Young Chinese artists”. More than a hundred artists from different regions of China were interviewed on the subject, and of these, 27 artists made the final run-off. Along with Chen Wei, there are the artistic duo Birdhead and Cui Jie, also represented in the Sammlung Zimmermann.

Cui Jie

Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, USA: My Generation: Young Chinese Artists, 7th June 2014 – 28th September 2014. The exhibition will then transfer to the City Museum of Art in Oklahoma (24th October 2014 to 18th January 2015). Further information:

Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami: 28 Chinese Artists, 4th December 2013 – 1st August 2014. Further information:

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