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Cui Jie Art Basel in Hong Kong and the Zimmermann Collection

As the official partner of the Art Basel show in Hong Kong, Uniplan was commissioned to realise both the debut and the second occurrence of the art exhibition. Uniplan also implemented the unusual concept in intricate form in 2015 which contributed to the exhibition’s high-quality staging.

As the New York Times wrote about the Art Basel show in Hong Kong, they chose just one picture for the article – a painting by the young Chinese artist Cui Jie (born in Shanghai in 1983), several of whose works are represented in the Zimmermann Collection. This is a great accolade for the Chinese star.

Cui Jie’s latest exhibition projects are also on display, forming part of the two large international overview exhibitions of contemporary Chinese art (Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, USA: My Generation: Young Chinese Artists and the Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami: 28 Chinese). Most recently, her works were exhibited in the Ullens Center in Beijing. “The World in 2015” exhibition featured various items that served to reflect today’s world.

Soon all of Cui Jie’s six works from the Zimmermann Collection will be shipped from Shanghai to Cologne in Germany, where they will be jointly exhibited there and reciprocally serve as a starting point for dialogue. Earlier works will be seen alongside one another to illustrate the artist’s stylistic development, thus creating a sort of mini retrospective in Schanzenstraße in Cologne. We will make sure the New York Times are informed ;-)

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