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Rebecca Horn in Unna Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst (Centre for International Light Art)

The world’s only museum for light art is situated in Unna, a small, sleepy town in the Ruhr. Hard to find, because the entire museum is underground. 30 feet deep in the storerooms of a former brewery. The door through which visitors enter is very inconspicuous. You enter the dark corridor uncertainly, until you go into the first room and are carried off into a breath-taking world of light. Olafur Eliasson, Joseph Kosuth, Christian Boltanski and James Turrell have created site-specific installations there.

Rebecca Horn, who is represented with three art works in the Zimmermann Collection, has also contributed to this unique location. Her work “Lotusschatten” (Lotus Shadow) of 2006 immediately captivates all the senses of the observer. Typically for the artist, Lotusschatten is also a complex mechanical apparatus made of copper, glass, steel and light, which grows into the room like a lotus blossom, moves and casts shadows on to the walls. Full of poetry. This magic atmosphere is supported by harmonies specially written by the composer Hayden Chisholm for the installation. Let’s go to Unna. And be enchanted.

(Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst (Centre for International Light Art), Lindenplatz 1, Unna)

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